Contact Information

James L. (Jim) Beckner
615/504-0099 – cell
615/457-1762 – office
615/457-2479 – fax
W. Michael (Mike) Clevy
615/406-3344 – cell
615/457-2373 – office
Beckner Clevy Partners
3841 Green Hills Village Drive, Suite 410
Nashville TN 37215

Operational Approach

  • Once a target company is identified, the Partners employ a disciplined, rigorous analysis to identify key business drivers, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • The Partners will personally meet with employees, customers, suppliers, lenders and competitors to develop an accurate and up-to-date 360-degree view of the business.
  • The Partners, working with management, develop detailed three-year operating plans with clear objectives, key result areas, and milestones for each investment. These plans are developed involving three layers of management and are deployed throughout the organization. The operating plans become the measure of success and the basis for compensation and promotion within the business.
  • The Partners employ metrics that allow the Partners, Management and Investors to track execution of the plans and results on a real-time basis. Typically, the metrics will address working capital, customer service and progress toward profit objectives and strategic goals.
  • The Partners and Management will drive improvement in productivity, customer lead times and working capital utilizing continuous improvement processes, including Lean Production, and an intense focus on execution.